Chart your course to 1580 Custer... more details soon to come
What can i do?

...can i do?

Glad you asked!

First, bring yourself!... come dressed up... ready to have fun... and participate!

Of coruse you can bring something to eat... or better yet, put in an order for exotic meats... if you want to partake in exotic meats, look at this menu, then e.mail sara what you want her to pick up, and arrange to pay her

We'd love to have people bring rum drinks and rum fixings, especially mojitos!...

We're also going to organise little treasure hunts, if you'd like to join in, find or make a little treasure...and show up early to hide it, and make map

... of course we can always use an extra hand or two dressing up the place... If you want to get involved on that tip ...or have ideas of your own to contribute for decorations or events, please drop a line...

Resources case you need help preparing....(more comming shotly)

Costuming: Good resouce, from

Jargon: Pyrate lexicon guide

Singing: Yo-Ho!

History: Thorough, but digestable overview of all thigns pyrate

General Links: Great Collection of links from no quarter given.